IRC Services

Whetting their appetite - For you

Draw more attention with IRC coupons.

IRCs (instant redeemable coupons) give food manufacturers tremendous power to reach consumers at the moment they are making a purchase decision. Edesia Group offers services and strategies that can help your brand harness that power. 

Research indicates that 89% of consumers use coupons, and 70% of their purchase decisions are made in the store. Even when planning to purchase a specific brand, 27% of consumers switch brands when a deal is offered.

IRCs enable companies to affix promotional offers to their packages without changing their package designs.

IRC coupons are a cost-effective way to:

  • Drive impulse purchases
  • Encourage larger purchases
  • Cross-promote other products
  • Offer rebates
  • Enhance brand recognition

Have more than one product? A cross-marketing approach can split the cost of a campaign between business units using IRC coupons.

From strategy to co-ops, design, clearing house and store coordination, Edesia Group can help your company execute with ease. Our partners have unmatched experience in the food industry and can help you grow your sales and market share with IRC coupons.

Get in touch with Edesia Group to learn more about our IRC services and strategies, and stand out from your competition on crowded retail shelves.