Paid Search Advertising

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It's time to get supercharged.

What fuel do you have in the tank? Regular? Premium?

If you’re ready for some high-octane fuel to drive business growth, read on.

The Edesia team has more than 18 years of experience helping food-related businesses launch products, drive sales and build their influence in the marketplace using paid search. From neighborhood restaurants to multi-million-dollar iconic food brands, we’ve been manning the kitchen and driving their business forward.

From the early days of paid search – with Overture (and as it was prior to that and the emergence of AdWords in 2000 – our Paid Search team has been in the trenches, launching new brands, deploying successful campaigns and optimizing existing campaigns for clients to get better ROI.

To be successful, PPC campaigns require strategic thinking, in-depth analysis, and careful, ongoing management.

To assess the viability of a paid search campaign for your business, we research your market and take into account several important factors such as keyword search volume, market competition, geographical considerations, product pricing, audience demographics, among many others.

This enables our team to craft a PPC campaign that is tailored to your business.

We develop a strategy to deliver the results you need, carefully measure its effectiveness, and constantly focus and refine to obtain the best results to fit your budget and your goals.

If you currently have a paid search campaign and are feeling that it’s not being managed proactively….  if you feel it’s been on “set and forget” and that the only interaction you get with your agency is a monthly invoice and an incomprehensible report… then it might be time to change the fuel.

To discover what paid search advertising can do for your business when deployed by experts with experience in your sector, contact Edesia today.