RangeMe connects buyers, brands and distribution

July 12, 2019

Here’s why RangeMe should interest your Brand:

Our first exposure to RangeMe was back in 2016. I was a National Sales Director of an expanding snack company.

With a long list of responsibilities, a crucial one was connecting the brand with category managers and distribution channels.

Because of my previous background managing digital marketing, I quickly understood the potential RangeMe had to organize a brands digital presence, in a user-friendly web experience. At that time, the Verified service was only a concept, but I had already bought into it and was eager to engage.

Here’s why.

Our top reasons for a brand to consider RangeMe: 

  1. It’s simple to use and set-up.
  2. Your brand has instant credibility and it’s verified.
  3. If you don’t have a large Trade Show budget, RangeMe levels that playing field.
  4. Incredible analytics are provided on buyer traffic and activity on your page.
  5. Brands get direct access and information to category reviews.
  6. It costs less than $1,500 per year.
  7. ECRM is RangeMe’s parent company, connecting CPG Brands and Retail Category management on-line and in person.

Here’s what a Category Manager is going to view: 

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