Broker Services

Expanding your network in a sustainable way

The first step in considering a broker is whether you need one at all, and what value the broker would bring to your business.

Getting your products onto retail shelves takes more than a unique product, great packaging and luck, but there are different approaches your company can consider.

Edesia Group works with large and small food manufacturers, some who choose to handle their own sales, and others who find that hiring food brokers to do their sales for them offers a significant advantage.

Whether you’re looking to get your product into large retail chains, c-stores, military, value chains, micro-markets, discount, big box or small specialty shops, good brokers who know the right players understand sales data, distribution channels, and contacts who can make that happen. Those skillsets are very rare to find and barely existent. 

Depending on your situation or product, the experts at Edesia Group can steer you to a proven brokerage company or individual. In some cases, we can mine our vast network of contacts to make the introduction for you and avoid long-term residual commissions.

We can also train you on the many different technologies and marketing strategy playbooks that chains will demand of your team if you decide to handle sales on your own.

Edesia Group can provide the resources you need, whether you want to hire a broker to replace or supplement your in-house sales team. Contact us today.