Product Liquidation

Turn inventory issues into positive cash flow

Whether it’s the first time or a yearly part of managing a highly evolving product ecosystem, managing your ability to liquidate effectively is a major revenue driver and brand reputation hot topic. 

Many companies are versed in believing that selling products at steep discounts, almost giving way are a language that can’t be spoken. Hey everybody it happens!
Product liquidation scenarios can happen for many reasons:
  • Packaging design changes
  • Nutritional requirement changes 
  • Disappointing launch of new products
  • Distribution challenges
  • Unexpected customer demographic changes 
A few scenarios companies can turn these situations into the following:
  • Learning experiences
  • Cash flow contributors
  • Tax credits
  • Regional expansion strategies 
  • Multi channel retail & foodservice exposures
Edesia Consulting strives to understand every area of our clients needs and enjoys a relationship with Lewisco Holdings, the leader in food, beverage and CPG close outs & liquidations.
If we can answer your questions and make an introduction we would be glad to help you initially or be there for you as part of the overall relationship we have with our clients. 
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