Conversion Optimization

Bringing them to the table is not enough

Opportunities are knocking.

Are you in inviting them in? Or turning them away unknowingly.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of improving elements of your marketing tactics on a continuous basis to increase conversions, which in turn increase profits.

For example – if your social media, content marketing and Search Engine Optimization efforts are directing potential customers back to your website, these lead generation strategies may not be fully leveraged if the visitors face obstacles such as a difficult check-out process, or a confusing call to action.

Edesia can help identify UX / UI (User Experience / User Interface) problems and resolve them via a proven process to improve conversion. Through split A/B or multi-variant testing, heat-mapping investigations, on-page click analysis and real-time usability recordings of sample consumer groups – we can systematically improve the performance of your website and/or your lead generation funnels.

But unlike other agencies, our CRO services are not limited to the digital channel.

Conversion rate optimization is a methodology we apply across the board, whether the marketing tactic be online or offline.

Direct mail pieces, billboards, radio and TV ads, PPC campaigns, retargeting ads, Facebook ads.

The channel is irrelevant. The platform immaterial.

We develop ways to analyze the performance no matter what the tactic is being deployed.

After all, if you’re not measuring the performance of your campaigns and continually striving to improve the ROI, then you are potentially throwing money down the drain or leaving untapped revenue on the table.

And that’s one of the things you’ll come to learn about our team. At Edesia we love data.

We love crunching numbers, diving deep into analytics and leveraging  as many data sources as we can to help our clients. Our data analysts and marketing professionals can help you obtain better insights about your customers so you can develop the ideal customer avatar to help guide all your marketing tactics.

It’s time to open the door wide and convert all the opportunities in front of you.

It’s time to call Edesia.