Social Media

In Today's world, it's a business necessity.

Listening. Learning. Connecting. Engaging.

It’s about being social, sure. But in business, it’s also having the edge. Being a leader in your market.

Over the last decade, social media has revolutionized the way businesses market their brands, products and services online. Companies leveraging social media effectively have come out ahead of the pack, while those still questioning it’s value have been left behind.

Your customers, your potential customers, your employees and their families – are all on social media in some form or other. Your competitors in the marketplace, local and national business associations, certification groups – you can be sure they are all on social platforms too.

As such, your business and your brand(s) should not only be present on social media with actively maintained channels, but you must be using a brand voice in tune with your company values. Evoking positive social sentiment online through your social channels is as critical to business today as having a website was in the late 1990’s and 2000’s. Those organizations that understood the importance of having a robust website and online presence are today’s market leaders.

In a similar way, social media is sorting out the winners and losers in today’s competitive online marketplace.

Used correctly, social media platforms can increase your visibility, capture new leads, build trust with your audience, and help you protect your brands.

While social media marketing can be an integral component of your overall marketing strategy, it is critical that it is performed by a team that understands not only the capabilities at hand with each of the social platforms, but also understands the industry.

Whether your a seasoned business with a household food brand looking for a new social campaign to revitalize sales, or a restaurant chain looking to rebrand and looking to social to help solidify the brand change, or a new startup juice company looking to leverage the incredible micro-targeting capabilities of social marketing – Edesia has the creative talent, the marketing acumen and the social media expertise.

From the deployment of micro-targeted paid social campaigns, to retargeting ads, from contests and social gamification strategies to brand monitoring and brand sentiment analysis services…. we are ready to help transform your social media strategy and give your business the competitive edge.

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