Product Labeling

It can be a hard nut to crack

Position your products in the best possible light with accurate labeling.

In the U.S., regulations in the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), Food Quality Protection Act, Food Allergens labeling, and the Consumer Protection Act dictate what you can and can’t say on your food product labels.

There are also product labeling requirements from various government agencies that must be followed, and the numerous policies and unwritten expectations can be overwhelming for food manufacturers large and small.

To ensure FDA compliance, mandatory declarations must be made in very specific locations on your food labels. Allergens must be properly declared (and Canada’s are different). If you are exporting your products, you are expected to meet the packaging, labeling, and other special conditions required by the destination country.

Rejection of a label can lead to delays and costly production interruptions.

There’s a lot to know, but where do you begin?!

Edesia Group provides custom consulting to food industry clients on a wide range of label-related matters, such as:

  • FDA and USDA compliance and approval
  • Nutrition analysis
  • Nutrition Facts Labels
  • Ingredient statements
  • Allergen statements
  • Nutrient claims
  • Health claims
  • Certification claims
  • Organic compliance
  • Child nutrition labeling
  • Product naming
  • Label layout requirements
  • Cross-border compliance
  • Label translations
  • Regulatory support
  • USDA emergency approvals
  • FSIS appeals

Whether you need help constructing a Nutrition Facts Label, developing your packaging claims, reviewing your labels for compliance, submitting them to the USDA for approval, or just want to brainstorm a new marketing concept, Edesia Group and our trusted partners have got your back.

Contact Edesia Group for help navigating the challenges of food product labeling compliance.