Let's get all your initiatives planned & measured

Every clients traditional & digital marketing needs are unique, there needs to be considerations to all aspects of current campaigns, goals, assets, internal team capabilities and many other points. We offer expert advice in putting together strategies that integrate with all channels and fit within understood budgets and measurable goals. 
Putting together a planning outline that:
  • Define each current channels you are marketing into.
  • Assess and recommend options that have defined outcomes in existing and new channels of marketing. 
  • What, when and who will measure and adjust as needed. 
  • Digital, social, email, trade show, SEO/SEM, call tracking, local, print
Managing & planning active campaigns:
  • Organize all internal and external teams for constructive review meetings and analytics.
  • Adjust and communicate with the recipients of your campaigns. 
  • Design and plan content 
Measuring, reporting and reacting to your campaigns:
  • What are the formats and frequency of your reporting.
  • Collaborate on the campaign, make changes and note for future optimizations. 
  • Is there proper conversion integrations into CRM, marketing software. 
Edesia Consulting believes that all aspects of traditional & digital marketing are a critical connection tool with current and future clients, your brands marketing campaigns, posts, content have never been more important to schedule, review and optimize in the marketplace. 
Please contact us with any questions you may have.