Trade show Strategies

setting the table - for results

You don't need the largest booth in the hall or celebrities to man your booth to achieve trade show success.

With strong strategies and careful planning, your trade show efforts can get the buzz and results that you want.

If you’ve been to a trade show, you’ve witnessed the disparity. Some booths are lively, full of energy, and attracting large crowds. Others generate little interest and are staffed with bored employees pondering what they’re doing wrong.

Too often, companies send internal reps who are not prepared or motivated to get the results they need. The people who staff your exhibit are your most important asset on a trade show floor.

Without dynamic staffing, you won't get the quality prospects your company deserves.

Edesia Group can help you strategize unique ways to draw pre-show attention, execute live show ideas for a powerful impact, and keep the buzz going through social media channels and post-event follow up.

We maintain relationships with the best staffing agencies in the country, and have a track record of preparing them to deliver you customers.

Trade shows are a terrific way to gain exposure for your products and build influence in the marketplace.

Trade show logistics, however, are tedious and time-consuming, and can be overwhelming for businesses that are poorly prepared for the challenges.

Edesia Group can help businesses around the world, from startups to multi-million-dollar iconic food brands, connect with the best trade show logistics company in the USA.

Our partner provides storage, transit, tracking, set-up, supervision, breakdown and return to warehouse for full inspection and go ahead for your next show/event, even if your products require special handling, such as temperature control or fragile handling

Boutique specialty treatment from a logistics leader can help you:

  • Reduce the cost and risk of transporting your goods from place;
  • Be certain your show materials are in safe hands;
  • Take advantage of the partner’s scalability and flexibility to support your growth into new markets;
  • Benefit from top-tier tech without the investment;
  • Liberate your time and resources to focus on selling your product.

To explore the best trade show logistics/strategy solutions and guarantee successful shows and special events, contact Edesia Group.

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