Clover Farms Marketing Portal

March 10th, 2020

Clover Farms Dairy & Beverages had a need to store all their marketing assets in a password protected area that customers, retailers, distributors and employees could easily access. We organized and consolidated all imagery, logos, POS materials, TiHi’s and other assets for download either as individual items in PDF format or entire categories into Zip File formatting for quick access. 

Project elements included:

  1. On-site meetings, agency coordination. 
  2. Asset organization of graphic assets and collateral.  
  3. Portal page structure and design.  
  4. WordPress programming. 
  5. Renaming of all asset file names for easy find after download & SEO.
  6. Drop & Drag back-end functionality for WordPress admin’s ordering of assets and categories. 

Results achieved:

  1. Streamlined experience for users to pull down marketing content 24/7. 
  2. Reduction in time staff spent facilitating sending correct assets. 
  3. Proper image naming for internal and customer use after downloads.  
  4. Ability for users to email either individual assets as PDF’s or entire categories as a Zip File in one click. 

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