Food & Beverage close-out and liquidation strategy

July 22, 2019

What to do with errors in inventory & production, product packaging and recipe issues.

It’s important to select a quality Liquidation company, they do exist.

By quality we mean the following.

Your close-out and liquidation partner needs to meet these checkbox items:

  1. Your paid promptly, meaning their well funded.
  2. They’ll respect your rules and guidelines for EACH liquidation scenario.
  3. Understanding distribution channels and your guidelines for respecting current relationships you have.
  4. Logistics should be important to them, liquidation scenarios are almost always time sensitive, late and OR damaged delivery reflects on your Brand.

Provide your liquidation partner with the following details:

  1. Full TiHi information on each product.
  2. Best by accurate dating.
  3. All location specific information for freight pick-up.
  4. Special instructions for logistics, warehouse locations, hours, loading docks and freight handling restrictions.
  5. Credit applications, references and prompt responses on all correspondence.
  6. Specific guidelines for protecting your brand in normal distribution.

Edesia Consulting Group has a long term partnership with Lewisco Holdings, a nationally recognized liquidator, based in Manhattan, NY. We’ve executed over 100 successful deals for our brand partners since 2015.

We highly recommend you contact them at:

Adam Gibson, VP Sales & Purchasing


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