May 28, 2019

Give your Social Community more of what they want – cool branded swag!

Social followers are bombarded constantly with repetitive boring posts. Too often they add little or NO value to their lives. Here’s where Edesia Consulting, advises our clients to take a step back re-think budgets and strategies. Because when companies are overly eager for relevant social activity, they can be caught trapped into paying excessive agency fees. Resulting in ill-advised spending on management and graphics that benefit the agencies more than the brands goals.

A simple t-shirt giveaway can provide value to your tribe, versus an artistic graphic with some quirky “brand story narrative”. We want to pose the question. Wouldn’t less “filler and fluff” in your feed and more “cool, fun & free”  brand excitement important to the daily lives of your community? Because if you re-invest in your brand and followers at the same time the end result is a double success.

Take a look below at a recent client example:

Clover Farms produces dozens of different Iced Tea Flavors, Lemonades and Drinks, as well as full portfolio of traditional Dairy products.

Clover Farms Dairy & Beverage on National Iced Tea Day– June 10, 2019.

  1. Criteria for the contest was simple. Like – share – follow
  2. In one day this post generated over 1,400 NEW followers a 75% increase, 1,000 plus shares and likes as well!
  3. We reached over 70,000 people just on Facebook.
  4. Gave away 20 free iconic branded t-shirts for our client, these t-shirts shipped to over 8 different states. The total budget for t-shirts and shipping came in at less than $350.
  5. This campaign supports a longer term strategy to upgrade the current on-line merchandise store and also create an Amazon presence for nostalgic Brand swag.
  6. There was ZERO spend to boost this campaign, purely organic.


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